Even as a successful executive, there are times when you need a push. Teams hit a wall too, and it's easy to get in a rut. So let's do something about it. I've been in the trenches and worked behind the scenes with Fortune 100 executives and CEOs. My specialty is teams.

A personal approach for those ready to make a real change in their career. This isn't counseling, it's more like doing mental burpees. I'll challenge your perspective, habits, and hold you accountable to be successful. I've made multiple career changes and taken many risks with a drive for evolving and learning.

Having spent time in the music industry and after working closely with emerging artists I have a sweet spot for seeing artists succeed. I love their passion, tenacity, and commitment. Pro bono coaching on general business, operation, and organization skills.


Get to the point.

You're paying me (unless you're a starving artist) so we'll make sure you know where you're going.

Get to the real you.

We may need to do assessments, and I may need talk to people who will give it to me straight. This all depends on you.

Get you out of your own way.

Habits, patterns, social systems. This is where sh*t gets real!

Make you design a plan.

Yeah, there's actual work here. How we design the plan and the tools we use will depend on you.

Track Your Progress.

I'll hold you accountable, just don't quit on me.

Torture you to finish.

This is my puppy, and I needed an excuse to show you her picture because she's so cute. If you don't finish your plan then she will torture you with puppy licks.

What’s it cost?


You don't have to check my availability or send me an email, just book instantly to my calendar.

I donate a small portion ($5) of my fee to one of my favorite non-profit groups, Kids in a New Groove: a non-profit helping children living in foster care with a committed one-on-one mentoring relationship through private music instruction.

But wait, there's more... Your first 30-minute session is free! I need to be sure you don't smell funny and that there's some glimmer of hope we can work together.